Ricky Williams, 24, Tattooist. Rabbit Enthusiast. For bookings contact the family business on 02072789526 or email info@thefamilybusinesstattoo.com

Quick #chestpiece I tattooed last night on Jason. Cheers buddy. Rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com #blackworkers
Some recent #geometric #blackwork Rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com
So there’s a party on and I painted this to let people know. rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com
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Huge #eagle #coverup rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com
This is a poster I painted for my studio.Was a pleasure and great fun ! Rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com
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#dotwork # Buddha #mandala #tattoo I finished today. Rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com
YES! I have my very own bowling ball, courtesy of @rubymayqtattoo  being the BEST girlfriend in the world! Not to mention BEST birthday present EVA!!
#mehndi #anchor #tattoo rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com
BEST BIRTHDAY TREAT EVER ! @rubymayqtattoo horse and cart rides around Bruges ! That’s what’s up !!!
Poster I designed and painted for the studio @thefamilubusiness #hotdog Rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com
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#mandala #tattooed on chest. Rickyjosephwilliams@gmail.com